Snuggle Sling  XL - 25% off
Snuggle Sling  XL - 25% off
Snuggle Sling  XL - 25% off
Snuggle Sling  XL - 25% off

Snuggle Sling XL - 25% off

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The XLarge Snuggle Sling is constructed like our regular, adult sized Slings, EXCEPT the overall size is larger than the regular size. It's made for the extra large Beardies.

This XLarge Snuggle sling is about 19" tall by 8" wide.  If your Beardie measures over 19", then this might be the best fit.

The Sling is machine washable, BUT please lay flat to dry, smoothing out the straps.

Customer Reviews

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Our XL snuggle sling is perfect! Osiris is about 19 inches from nose to tail and it gives him plenty of room. He was immediately at ease in his sling even when I was learning to put it on 😂. Here he is getting used to it! 💕

The Snuggle Sling is a game changer

Whether traveling, going on walks or just getting chores does around the home. The Snuggle Sling works extremely well for me and my beardie. It makes it easier to be hands free with him. He thinks it's a perfect nap spot. The sling is really durable and well made. I highly recommend it for your scaly friends. I would recommend if your bearded dragon doesn't use their back legs well to down size on the sling to help support your beardies back end. You can also adjust this sling to help with that too.

Jennifer Blake
Love it!!!

My beardie Nigel loves it and it gives us cuddle time. I heat his heat pack up in the microwave and it keeps him extra snuggly!

Noor Elberngi
He loves it

Was gifted a snuggle sling for my birthday and my beardie Sphynx loves to relax and finds the view from his 'sling to be ideal. He's 5 yrs old and the XL sling was the p e r f e c t size for him. Great product.

Lynne Emonds
So comfy

Hello humans this is Bubba. I learned how to use my human’s phone to tell you how much I love my snuggle sling XL. I have an original snuggle sling that I also love but I am 20 inches from my majestic nose to my magnificent tail and sometimes I like to stretch out so the snuggle sling XL is perfect that. My human also enjoys it. We have a standing cuddle date every day after she signs off from work and when we can’t go out for fresh air and sunshine she picks me up and puts me in my snuggle sling. She says it’s the best part of her day and I love it too.