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Beardies love soft fleece blankets. Owners love Beardies in soft fleece blankets, too.

This set includes a total of 4 solid and/or print blankets. Choose from boy, girl, or neutral prints. These 12" square blankets are durable, inexpensive, and machine washable. If a blanket gets stained or needs to be thrown away, this set gives you plenty to choose from.

A colorful Party hat is part of this set. We suggest you wait until they’re about 1 year old before dressing your beardie in full costumes. You will also receive a copy of our published Beardie Care Guide compiled by Sarah Southerland, owner of Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue. 

Our Beardie Care Guide will give you useful information for how to handle your new bearded dragon. You need to develop trust with a newly acquired beardie. You should have slow and careful interactions for the first few weeks while your beardie is settling in.  Do not force interactions between you and the beardie. Be patient, yet consistent. Soon you’ll have a beardie who becomes part of your family.

We would love to have photos of your Beardie in their snuggling in their blanket. We'll post them (or you post them) on our Pampered Beardies Facebook page and Instagram!

A portion of the profits goes to help Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue. We often send money and products to other national rescues to help with their beardie (and reptile) rescues.

Customer Reviews

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My beardie loves them. Thank you so much.

Jaclyn Becker
Love these blankets

I received my blankets today, I also recently got my beardie. I’m unsure of the gender, but I named it Kaida. The name means Little Dragon in Japanese, we are still getting used to one other but Kaida really seemed to like the blanket as well. They are so soft and cute. I will definitely be getting more.

Maranda Zaydel
Birthday Fun!

We absolutely love all the cute dress-up items! This party hat was perfect for celebrating our Breezy Sky’s 1st birthday yesterday!

Cher Zapara-Bouwer
beardie blankies

all my beardies love snuggling in soft blankies. i don't have any young beardies right now, but these smaller size blankets are perfect for putting inside their caves, to pad their beds. sometimes they even burrow under them, so cute! great quality & it helps the rescue; win-win! :)

Pampered Beardies Indeed!

I love the selection of blankets, hats and goodies I received. Everything is well made.