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Pirate Hat
Terra Loukatos

Love this hat, Bruce is always excited when he gets a new outfit. So cute and great quality.

the party was chill

This arrive just in time for Murray's 3rd birthday. He said he felt very festive.

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Shark Costume, 3 sizes
Rachel Williams
Shark Ready

Tangi is ready to swim with the sharks 🦈 LOVE this outfit, it went perfect with our beach day!!

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Unicorn Hat
Rachel Williams
Unicorn Dragon

This is ABSOLUTELY adorable 😍 Tangi got so many compliments on this hat. We paired it with her tutu. PERFECT 🥰💞🦄🦎

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Flower Crown
Rachel Williams
Purple Beauty

Love these crowns, we accessorized them with the wings. Now Tangi can be a be a " Victoria Secret Beardie" model 😇🤣

Bandafric Day

Love all the different designs and colors. Well made and really cute 😍. Tangi loves to accessorize them with a hat or tutu. Some days she just likes it simple but cute 😍

Great quality, care is put into it

I bought one of the size 2 cowboy hats and when I opened the package I was happily surprised, the material is manufactured well and there is obvious care and thought put into each one. I would buy another in confidence.

Minnie Ready

Tangi is ready to meet Minnie ❤ Minnie is my favorite Disney character. Absolutely adorable costume 😍

Shark Costume, 3 sizes
Eveline Murray

Brunswick looks absolutely adorable in his shark !

Cowboy Hats, 2 sizes
Rebecca Walter
Munchkin in his hat

This is just the cutest thing, and I think Munchkin likes it too


I loved this! Go Beardies and Cowboys.

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Ballerina Tutu
Rachel Williams
Tutu Terrific

I think Tangi looks adorable in her tutu. Well made and easy to put on. She looks like the princess she is 😍💕

Birthday Party Hat or Bandana
Sara Pepkin
So Cute

My beardie loved her birthday hat!

American Beardie

This hat is very well made and looked so cute on my beardie.

Snuggle Sling
Beth Olsen
Snuggle Sling

I love it! Came quickly. Love the color. Very well made. And, made in USA.

Birthday Fun!

We absolutely love all the cute dress-up items! This party hat was perfect for celebrating our Breezy Sky’s 1st birthday yesterday!

My bearded dragon loves this stuff!

In an effort to diversify my bearded dragon Peanut's diet I bought a bottle to see if he would like it. He would not touch the stuff at first but now whenever I mix it in with his greens he will literally go around the bowl and pick the beardie buffet out and eat it all before touching anything else. He loves it so much and I'm happy he's getting the nutrients he needs.

Floki Approved

Summers here and our babies are ready to go out and enjoy it.
This summer sling XL finally allows my Big Boy to enjoy the sun, or just snuggle inside.
I put it around the back of my neck in the car because he loves to ride on the back of my neck(as you can see) and this soft material allows him to enjoy the softness while I enjoy not having my neck turned into a pin cushion.
Thank you Pampered Beardies

so adorable makes for the cutest matching pics

i absolutely am obsessed with this i think it is the most adorable thing ever. my beardie isn’t the most fond of things being put on his head but he did tolerate this!

Cowboy Hats, 2 sizes
Isabella Juarez

It was cute and it was good material. Definitely will purchase from here again! Love this small business!

Birthday Party Hat or Bandana
Rachel Denham
Best Bday Ever!

Today was Spike's1st Birthday!!! Her hat and bonus blanket just made her day. Don't let the grumpy face make you think otherwise, she was just tired after a long day of eating, basking, and swimming at the beach. Pampered Beardie indeed!

Perfect for summer…

Floki loves his new XL summer sling. Light and soft are a perfect combination. The new color is awesome. My little man is very happy and so am I.
Thank you Pampered Beardies.

Ballerina Tutu
Melissa May Curtis
Tutu extraordinaire!

This tutu is everything! My Jenny looks smashing in it :)

Silver Spike Collar
Lee Dipanfilo
Spiky Collar for Spiky Beardies

These collars were too cute to pass up and did not disappoint. They were pretty easy to tie. I got 2 and one had longer ribbon ties than the other. Both worked fine, but I’d say the longer the better as it makes it easier to create a bow.
Calypso and Kronos do not care at all about wearing these collars at all.
Makes them look super tough and punk. Pairs well with Calypso’s Tutu.

Supergirl and Batman

This was mine and the dragons’ favourite costume. Calypso’s fuchsia Supergirl was very cute. Kronos has the black Batman which was also adorable.
Great for a superhero fan. It is simple to put on and just cape so easy for them to wear too. It’s pretty long and big so it fits really well. The beardies like it as I think they believe it’s a blanket.