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Love it

Love both the hammock and the carrier. My potato loves to snuggle in. Very soft and easy to clean.


I’ve bought a few costumes here before and loved all of them but this one might be my new favorite!

Great product!

Cozy, easy to use, and holds my beardie in nicely.

Gotcha Day Party Hat
Jessica Darby
Big Hat for the Big Day

The hat is large for my juvenile beardie, but couldn’t be happier. He will certainly grow into it when I celebrate the day in coming years

Love this blanket

Cozy and adorable! The personalization is really cute.

Pampered Beardies

Excellent merchandise. Everything for a comfortable dragon

Great book!

This is a very helpful, smart and actionable guide for people who are passionate about caring for bearded dragons.

Perfect blanket

Perfect blanket! The size, quality and softness is amazing!


Very loose fitting and easy to put on for the comfort of the animal. Adorable!

Extremely adorable

Gorgi looked so cute in his beautiful flower crown! Great fit, well made, would definitely purchase again!

Just when you thought it was safe to open the door...

Pablo looks adorable yet deadly as the Land Shark!! Such a cute costume, and comfortable for him to wear.

He was thrilled that it arrived so quickly so he could participate in Shark Week!!


I loved receiving these products for my new little one. Sarah in the past helped me with my bearded dragon Bowie when he wasn't feeling good. Her expertise helped out with his quality of life! Unfortunately Bowie passed away recently. It's been hard but having a new little fella and being able to treat him to these items has been a blessing.

Tuxedo and Top Hat
Toni-Ann Buckley
Dapper Dude

This is SO adorable and Saarthal absolutely loves his hats!
They are well made, easy to put the n and absolutely adorable. Thank you.

Tuxedo and Top Hat
Carter Gregg

Amazing, fits my adult bearded dragon PERFECTLY. Thank you so much!!!

Beardies need Blankets!
Amee Ciarrocchi

I love these blankets. My beardies love them too. They are soft and very cute.


Absolutely adorable product.

Burrito blanket

I absolutely love this blanket!! It's so soft and the perfect size! My Knuckles looks so adorable wrapped up in it.

Adorable hat!

I love the Christmas hat I gotfor Elliot! He will be looking great in his well made hat for the holidays.

Mexican Sombrero, 3 sizes
Kellen Thygeson
Great Quality Hat

The hats were for a friends new pet Bearded, he isn't big enough to fully wear them yet but they are amazing and fit other lizards as well, personally I use them on my Agama who doesn't mind having them on.


Our XL snuggle sling is perfect! Osiris is about 19 inches from nose to tail and it gives him plenty of room. He was immediately at ease in his sling even when I was learning to put it on 😂. Here he is getting used to it! 💕

We love this!

i can't wait to put this on Elliot, he is in the middle of a big shed, so he has not had it on yet, but it is well made and so darn cute!

SUMMER Snuggle Sling
Logan Asquith
Very good and snuggly

Miss Amber loves her little sling. Now I can take her out with me more often! If only I had a picture to share with you all!


this hat was precious on my lizard Spike, she loved it! the hat is well made and the strings are great to attach it to her little head. it came very fast and even had a little surprise gift!

So cuddly!

My sweet beardie loves snuggling with his new blankets and snuggle sling! He's the sweetest cuddliest boi and the extra snuggle gear makes cuddling even better!


Very cute and fits perfectly