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My very pampered beardie

Loved all of the little bandanas and hats I got for my boy, he also loved being under his little blanket when we sit together! High quality, but also very affordable! Plus they money is being put towards an amazing cause <3
Heโ€™s still growing up but heโ€™ll fit it eventually ;)

Simple and Adorable

This angel costume is SO cute and I love that it's just one piece. if you have a fussy beardie who won't usually tolerate costumes, try this one! It's very light and they'll barely even notice it's there.


Perfect for post bath cuddles ๐Ÿ˜

Unicorn Hat
Nora L

The unicorn hat is so cute and well-made, and it doesn't seem to bother my beardie at all to have it on!

Bearded dragon blanket

They both look so cute

Thanksgiving Bandana
Stacy Pallone
Timmy's Ready for Thanksgiving

Timmy and his girlfriend, Rosie, love their Thanksgiving scarfs!!

Great Cause To Purchase From

I've been following Sarah and her pages on Facebook for quite some time. She is always posting great videos, hints, tricks, ideas. She makes and sells these items that she uses personally, as well as sells to put the money towards her rescue. There are not many reptile rescues with so much experience, and willingness to research and learn new things!! I absolutely love Sarah's cause, her charisma and the rescue! Will purchase again!!

Snuggle Sling
Kristen Brooks
Snuggle Sling

I think I was more excited about this sling than Bowser but after a little bit she got comfortable and enjoyed. Iโ€™m so happy I found this site. Now my clothes wonโ€™t get ruined from the claws and she stays warm and content. Great for bonding!

Pizza seems to enjoy them!

Sometimes my beardie Pizza spends most of her time on the cool side of the tank with all of her comfy hides. When I added these blankets to her basking side, she spent a lot more time basking!

Unicorn Hat
Cathy Hogue
A wise beardie...

Too darn cute. And very well made.

Super cute but hard to tie

This hat is adorable and my nephews loved the bearded dragon all duded up, but it was a pain to get the hat tied on his little head.

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Scottish Kilt & Tam
Rachel Williams
Scottish Beauty

Absolutely LOVE this outfit. Well made and perfect fit. Tangi is always ready to get dressed up ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅฐ

Gotcha Day Fun

Best Gotcha Day items hands down! This is our first Gotcha day on Sept 10th. He loves the blankets and even sleeps on or under them :)

Thanks Marianne


This material and all is the best ever purchase! Our guy links to be covered, not a full burrito. But take advantage when we can wrap him up.

Thanks Marianne for everything :)

Super Hero Capes: 2 sizes
CrystalLynn Comeau

Batman may just be Ivan's alter ego. He looks super in his awesome cape! So easy for him to wear with the generous ribbon for tying around his neck. Great length on him. Perfect for showing off his super powers!

Unicorn Hat
Lorraine Adams
One In A Million

This unicorn hat is ADORABLE!! Rosie approves.

SUMMER Snuggle Sling
Lorraine Adams
Carry with Ease

The snuggle sling makes it easy to carry your pampered beardie. I chose the "surprise me" option and got this cute pattern. Diego loves it!

A must have!

I just got this in the mail today and be bearded won't get off of it! I've never seen him/her look so relaxed. The bean bag makes him stay warm while staring out at cars for a long period of time and now he won't get mad at me for putting him away to heat him up. Plus! It's big enough for him to grow up with it!

Angel Wings & Halo
Lorraine Adams
A Perfect Angel

Its never too early to get ready for Christmas! Rosie looks adorable in these wings and halo set! Wings are very sturdy and made well.

Snuggle Sling XL
Noor Elberngi
He loves it

Was gifted a snuggle sling for my birthday and my beardie Sphynx loves to relax and finds the view from his 'sling to be ideal. He's 5 yrs old and the XL sling was the p e r f e c t size for him. Great product.

Hammock (Triangle) 2 sizes
L Shannon Carter
Bigger can be better!

I had one of your smaller hammocks for Arlo, but he never really looked comfortable on it. I put this bigger one up, and in true Arlo fashion, it was his. Instantly. Thank you!!!

Fantastic must-have!!

My beardie, Uldorak, adores this rice bag and flattens on it immediately every time. Pure comfort! The enclosed instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Highly recommend for any beardie owner looking for a comfortable hang-out item or a convenient travel accessory.


Roxie is 100% my emotional support. She is currently helping me through my Melanoma surgery. I think she enjoys wearing her little outfit. ๐Ÿ’ž

So Happy!!

We love the dual effect of the rice bag for pillow/ keeping warm!! Mazu enjoys sleeping with his new blanket and rice bag at night using it as a comfy pillow, then during the day he warms up lounging on it after his daily run around the house! Also so happy with the adorable fun shark print!๐Ÿ˜

Customized Sport Jersey
CrystalLynn Comeau

Ivan's jersey is perfect for getting into game day spirit. He is ready for football season! And he looks FANtastic!