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Very Pampered Beardie

It looks great but as it's a Christmas present I can't comment on the quality or how it works.

Christmas time!

Cordelia loves her new Santa hat and even let mom take some Christmas photos successfully!

Hammocks and blankets

Absolutely love the blankets and hammocks! Much better quality then the ones you get at pet stores and they’re super soft! I’ll definitely be buying more i would love for them to come out with holiday themed blankets and hammocks!!!

Lazy Lizard Approved

Christmas came a little early for Rex. He is over the moon for his new hammock! I will do well to get him to move now lol. Was thrilled how big it was. Super soft and suction cups seem very durable to hold even a hefty dragon. 5 stars. Will be ordering more for my other dragons.

Peace of mind

I bought 2 sets of the emergency warming packs & fleece blankets: 1 for our bearded dragon & 1 for our hedgehog. Appreciated how quickly our order was processed & delivered. Great idea & must-have for pets with temperature requirements!!

I love the elf costume! It does run small though. It fit my smallest Beardies fine (see picture), but my medium sized beardie ripped through it, and there was no chance my biggest would fit in one at all. Not sure if there were different sizing options that I missed?

Very Pampered Beardie

As the items I bought are for a Christmas present I can't comment on size or how they look on the bearded dragon but it was nice to get an extra hat free so Thank you.

Great Price, Great Product

My beardie was never really interested in any of the other hammocks I bought her, and I can't blame her. They didn't look particularly comfortable and the suction cups kept falling off! However, when I got her this hammock, she was using it the very next day! I am also very impressed with the price compared to the other ones I've seen. Overall, the hammock looks great, my lizard Marta loves it, and it's cheap! A perfect product! Unfortunately, my beardie went into brumation before I could get a picture of her sitting on her hammock.

Very Pampered Beardie

Just love them. A cosy sling for Copper, my daughter's bearded dragon, Christmas hat and emergency heated blanked. Really good quality but won't be able to check out how they look until Christmas Day. Thank you for the extra little hat too, very nice gesture.

Beardie Pilgrims

Very thankful for these adorable pilgrim costumes!

Will send pic when I put it on him :) love ur stuff!


Soft and nice as expected.

Lik Devil costume

I bought this for my beard dragon Chili for Halloween. It is very well made and arrived quickly. You have a lifelong customer.

Mickey Mouse ears

I bought these "ears" for Chili, my bearded dragon. I absolutely LOVE them on him. My Mom laughed so hard and said seeing him in them made her day!

Sahara approves

My son's bearded dragon, Sahara, loves snuggling under her blanket, on her warm rice pillow. She dozed-off watching tv with us!

Awesome products

Awesome products my beardie loves them both. Quick delivery would highly recommend. Will order again

Turkey costume for beardies

LOVE THIS COSTUME!!! my only suggestion is longer ties for plump dragons lol.

I didn't know how badly we needed this... Life saver!!

For years now, my bearded dragon Siggy has "glass surfed" from anxiety. In the early days, I always tried to adjust her tank temperature, tank size (now a 125 gal) and removed anything that could be causing her stress. In the end I figured out that really, she just needed to be held more. With 3 very curious cats, it's difficult to give her the outside-of-tank attention she deserves—especially because what she really wants is to be held for hours and nap on my shoulder. The cats get very jealous. Cue the Snuggle Sling! She is safe, secure, and almost immediately fell asleep when I tucked her into the sling. Now I can work hands-free while catering to her emotional well being. I am so grateful to God for leading me to Pampered Beardies. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing something so therapeutic for my sweet girl <3 I think it will really help her (and I LOVE that I get to spend more time with her!!) God bless you!!

So cute!

The snuggle sling is SO cute! I cannot wait to give it to my son when he comes home from college for Thanksgiving break!!

Fantastic Sling!

We love our sling! I feel comfortable letting my kids wear it with Elliott in it. He seems to really enjoy it as well.

Perfect for the holidays 🦃

Pampered beardies worked with me to get the perfect Thanksgiving outfits for my male and female bearded dragons. Thank you.

Awesome heat bag and blankie

Ordered our 2nd rice bag and blanket to stay super warm this winter and love it! It’s perfect for our rides to and from school.

Best purchase ever!

My bearded dragon, Peanut, sleeps with his burrito blanket every night! It honestly brings me and my husband more joy than it does for him.

Calvin the Bearded Fisherman

Calvin was absolutely a hit this Halloween! Unfortunately he ate all the worms before he could catch any fish with them!!!

Keep 'em cozy

Love the warming blankets! This is the 2nd one I've purchased. Our1st warming blanket came in very handy during a power outage last year. Now we have 2 I'll be prepared! And of course you can always use the blanket without the heat packs, so they are very versatile!