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Beardies need Blankets!
Amee Ciarrocchi

I love these blankets. My beardies love them too. They are soft and very cute.


Absolutely adorable product.

Burrito blanket

I absolutely love this blanket!! It's so soft and the perfect size! My Knuckles looks so adorable wrapped up in it.

Adorable hat!

I love the Christmas hat I gotfor Elliot! He will be looking great in his well made hat for the holidays.

Great Quality Hat

The hats were for a friends new pet Bearded, he isn't big enough to fully wear them yet but they are amazing and fit other lizards as well, personally I use them on my Agama who doesn't mind having them on.


Our XL snuggle sling is perfect! Osiris is about 19 inches from nose to tail and it gives him plenty of room. He was immediately at ease in his sling even when I was learning to put it on 😂. Here he is getting used to it! 💕

We love this!

i can't wait to put this on Elliot, he is in the middle of a big shed, so he has not had it on yet, but it is well made and so darn cute!

Very good and snuggly

Miss Amber loves her little sling. Now I can take her out with me more often! If only I had a picture to share with you all!


this hat was precious on my lizard Spike, she loved it! the hat is well made and the strings are great to attach it to her little head. it came very fast and even had a little surprise gift!

So cuddly!

My sweet beardie loves snuggling with his new blankets and snuggle sling! He's the sweetest cuddliest boi and the extra snuggle gear makes cuddling even better!


Very cute and fits perfectly

Perfect Gift

This was an amazing present for an employee who just got engaged. Now his bearded dragon will be in style for the big event!

Too cute to pass up!

Our Beardie Gordy didn't mind the hat and accessories at all! Loved the quality of the items, the communication from staff of shipment and the fast shipping. We will definitely be purchasing again.

Burrito Blanket
Rebecca Barks

Sir Strawberry loves his burrito blanket! I’m definitely getting more

So in love!

I just keep looking at him and laughing. This is definitely the best thing I’ve ever bought him lol

Elliot loves this blanket! Dragon approved!

My little guy loves his burrito blanket! He sleeps in it every night! The blanket is very soft and a great size for my large male beardie.

Rice bag set 🦎

This is a must have for anyone who owns a bearded dragon. Genius product. Yes, you can easily make a rice bag yourself, but this set with a matching blanket is so adorable! Our 6-year old female beardie loves sitting on the bag covered with the blanket. She stays on it for a very long time, so now we can enjoy snuggling her much longer while she stays warm. Thank you Pampered Beardies💕

Beardie loves it!

We bought the emergency heat pack with a blanket and also the rice bag/blanket set. Thankfully, we didn’t have to use the emergency kit. As for the rice bag/blanket set, it’s wonderful! Our Beardie looooves sitting on the bag, covered with the matching blanket. She stays on it for a very long time and we know her enough to say with certainty that she enjoys the experience a lot. We have a plug-in heat mat for when we want to have her with us, out of her tank, but the cord is very limiting. With the warm rice bag, we can cuddle our beardie anywhere we want. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Burrito Blanket
DeVeena Vigil
So dang soft!

It’s a new comfort item for my boy.

Hammock (rectangle)
Nicolas Dibb

Here's little Elliott chilling on his hammock with his favorite blanket! I was looking for a way to add some more depth to his tank, so I got this and it's so cute to watch him come up here at night and fall asleep.

Absolutely love this! Amazing quality!

Awesome Hammocks

What a fantastic product for my Beardies. Currently they are shedding so just hiding under them. And what a fantastic surprise getting the free gifts. Thankyou so much. Excellent quality.

Invaluable for Micro-Babies!

So you just adopted an adorable baby beardie only to get home to discover caring for a tiny baby can be way harder than you think! Baby Spike came home at a whopping 11 grams which was all fine and good until he would barely eat and then stopped eating on his own. I ordered the kit and it was shipped out so quickly which was a great blessing. The information was so helpful and the packet that comes with it has step by step instructions on how to make a slurry. This is invaluable to get nutrition into a baby that is struggling to get going. Spike had no problems accepting the slurry even when he refused bugs. Gradually he improved and began eating more and I could supplement as needed. He is now up to 28 grams and eats like a velociraptor! The kit came with Beardie Buffet, syringes, tiny catheter tip, cups, and mixing spoon. The most valuable part was the info packet! I highly recommend this if you have a micro-beardie, failure to thrive beardie or even an older beardie with health issues. This kit really helped Spike turn the corner. I am so appreciative ❤

Tortilla blanket

We love the tortilla blanket! It matches our boys and when Abraham Slinkin is feeling a little frisky, we wrap him up so we don’t get scratched up! He loves snuggling it, it’s super soft.

The Snuggle Sling is a game changer

Whether traveling, going on walks or just getting chores does around the home. The Snuggle Sling works extremely well for me and my beardie. It makes it easier to be hands free with him. He thinks it's a perfect nap spot. The sling is really durable and well made. I highly recommend it for your scaly friends. I would recommend if your bearded dragon doesn't use their back legs well to down size on the sling to help support your beardies back end. You can also adjust this sling to help with that too.