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10/10 recommend!!

The blanket is so cute! I put it in my beardie’s tank every night. I’m also feel so much more comfortable knowing I have extra heat pads in case of an emergency!

Beardie Party!

We love our birthday/ gotcha day beardie gift sets! We have 3 beardies...Echo 3 yrs, Vinny 2 yrs and Frankie T now one years old. We usually celebrate their Gotcha/birthdays on Valentines day, but this year it got "snowed out".
It was worth the wait! Everyone had fun and loved their new blankies and hats...except Vinny.( gentleman with the dark beard) He found the party a little back in his cozy terrarium he went ...with his new blankie!


Very please with customer service as well as the products I received. Thank you.


Love this sling. The whole family uses it when holding Angel. She loves to sleep in it as well as poke her head out when watching movies or spying on the cat.

A cozy dragon = Happy dragon

He lounges there when he's cooling down or when he's about to sleep. Watching him do the sleepywiggle thing into his blanket is the cutest s**t. Also delivery speed is wicked fast, and you know the people behind the website truly cares for dragons as it shows in their product.

Super cute!

I loved it ! I thought it wouldn’t fit my bearded dragon because he has a big head but it did! I also loved how they added an additional hat! Would recommend 100%

it’s perfect!

came very fast, and my beardie leo loves snuggling in his soft blanket on his hammock!


Very soft and colors are bright

Love it !

It’s a perfect size and design for a beardy. It’s so soft too!

Perfect Blankies!

I'm a little late with this review but my babies love their new blankets!! Tiberius sleeps wrapped in his blankie every single night, he won't go to sleep unless I swaddle him in it. I took some pictures of him getting read for bed with his star blanket

Best Beardie Burrito Ever

I got this for a holiday gift for my beardie, and he's been sleeping with it every night since. It's lightweight, soft, and the tortilla design is super adorable. Makes for easy wrapping, and also great for a portable beardie mat so he can sit on any surface comfortably. I like to pair it with the snuggle sling I got him for an extra warm cuddle. Love it!

Magic Blankets!

My beardies love these blankets! As soon as they feel the soft material they immediately fall asleep. Even my stubborn ones can’t fight it and I love seeing one last grumpy look before the magic blanket wins! It’s adorable and I love the pattern choices too. They wash incredibly well too! I really love this store and the thank you gifts are so sweet. Thank you for everything!
(beardie pictured is not a grumpy one lol)

Puff’s Pick

This is Puff, he is almost 4 years old and loves watching Pokémon while in his pastel sling. My handsome little buddy is finally able to show his groovy personality and relaxed vibes, making this a ‘Puffs Pick’

Snuggle Sling

My little rescue (Iggy) and I both love the Snuggle Sling! It was a huge hit, I would recommend this to anybody who wants some snuggles with their beardie!

Love it!!!

Draco is 6 months old and loves his Snuggie. He loves to be cuddled and stay warm in the winter, so this was the perfect choice for us. We love Pampered Beardies!❤️

Loves it!

Rango loved this from the start. Thankyou.


The blanket that I ordered is perfect. Zilla absolutely loves it. Great quality and fast delivery.

Great quality

I ordered 3 blankets for my 9 month old beardie Cheeto, get quality, very soft, washed up beautifully after we had some poops on one.

Gotcha Day

Oscar absolutely loves her gotcha day gift set!


We ordered the Snuggle Sling for our 9 month old Beardie who is obsessed with constantly being carried. The product shipped out fast and arrived right on time. It's the perfect size, soft, and so comfortable. It's easy to wear and our Beardie loves it. I'll definitely be ordering more items from them very soon!

So comfy

Mystique loves his blanky... He snuggles up underneath it and falls asleep all the time. It is so soft and comfortable it's his favorite. He loved it so much we had to get a hammock and a sling for the comfort. I would recommend this to anyone I actually bought my niece some for her baby beardie.

Mystique is in love!

Mystique loves his hammock. Every morning I wake up and he's lounging in it and during the day he's laying underneath of it. He absolutely loves it I would recommend it to anyone. I actually bought one for my niece for her baby beardie that she just got for Christmas

Love it!

Such a sweet little hat for my sweet little girl! It's difficult finding Chanukah-themed toys for my babies, so thank you for making this awesome hat!

Snuggle Sling

Both of our Beardies loved this. They snuggled down and went to sleep.

My beardie loves her new sling!!