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Best Bday Ever!

Today was Spike's1st Birthday!!! Her hat and bonus blanket just made her day. Don't let the grumpy face make you think otherwise, she was just tired after a long day of eating, basking, and swimming at the beach. Pampered Beardie indeed!

Summer Snuggle Sling XL
Danielle North
Perfect for summer…

Floki loves his new XL summer sling. Light and soft are a perfect combination. The new color is awesome. My little man is very happy and so am I.
Thank you Pampered Beardies.

Ballerina Tutu
Melissa May Curtis
Tutu extraordinaire!

This tutu is everything! My Jenny looks smashing in it :)

Silver Spike Collar
Lee Dipanfilo
Spiky Collar for Spiky Beardies

These collars were too cute to pass up and did not disappoint. They were pretty easy to tie. I got 2 and one had longer ribbon ties than the other. Both worked fine, but I’d say the longer the better as it makes it easier to create a bow.
Calypso and Kronos do not care at all about wearing these collars at all.
Makes them look super tough and punk. Pairs well with Calypso’s Tutu.

Supergirl and Batman

This was mine and the dragons’ favourite costume. Calypso’s fuchsia Supergirl was very cute. Kronos has the black Batman which was also adorable.
Great for a superhero fan. It is simple to put on and just cape so easy for them to wear too. It’s pretty long and big so it fits really well. The beardies like it as I think they believe it’s a blanket.

Ballerina Tutu
Lee Dipanfilo
Princess Tutu

Super cute! It’s exactly as pictured once you separate and fluff up the tulle. It fits perfectly and makes Calypso look like an adorable ballerina princess.

Valentine’s Wings

Calypso is ready to be Cupid in these Valentine wings. Probably my favourite wing design for an animal costume I’ve ever seen. Regular size fits a full grown beardie perfectly. Super cute!

Bat Wings
Lee Dipanfilo
Great Bat Wings!

These are awesome. They look great on our beardie Kronos. They’re made of such gentle/soft materials and so easy to put on that he also doesn’t even notice he’s wearing them. A must have for a Batman fan.

Turkey Costume
Lee Dipanfilo
Turkey Beardie

This costume was easy to put on and fits well. It’s super cute and the little wattle for the chin is a nice touch. The tail is also really sturdy, so it stays upright and in place really well too. Kronos looks adorable in it. Highly recommend!

Shark Costume, 3 sizes
Lee Dipanfilo
Perfect Shark Costume.

This costume is adorable. Kronos loves it. It’s soft and covers him like a blanket so he feels pretty relaxed and happy in it. The large fits perfectly and is big enough for a full grown beardie. Very happy with this costume.

Angel Wings & Halo
Lee Dipanfilo

Really well made an sturdy build. Easy to put on and tie up as well. Super cute angel costume for Calypso.

Birthday Gift Set
Lynne Emonds
Perfect gift

Bubba here borrowing my human’s phone to tell everyone how much I loved the birthday gift set she gave me for my 11th birthday. I am a fan of the hat and I love the blankies.

Snuggle Sling XL
Lynne Emonds
So comfy

Hello humans this is Bubba. I learned how to use my human’s phone to tell you how much I love my snuggle sling XL. I have an original snuggle sling that I also love but I am 20 inches from my majestic nose to my magnificent tail and sometimes I like to stretch out so the snuggle sling XL is perfect that. My human also enjoys it. We have a standing cuddle date every day after she signs off from work and when we can’t go out for fresh air and sunshine she picks me up and puts me in my snuggle sling. She says it’s the best part of her day and I love it too.

Beardie Buy

Purchased two items a sling and hammock. Both were beautiful and well made. Included was the bonus hat pictured below that my two babies loved wearing! Excellent experience and highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Summer Snuggle Sling XL
Kimberlea Brown

Well I like it! My beardie didn't. He tolerated it for a few minutes and crawled out and took off. He's not a snuggler. We have not had alot of quality time together. Our hours are always off. He was in a bad mood for months. Correct UVB helped. But the last 4mths he's been partially brumateing. Me too. It's just me and him. Not in his cage. Under my bed, under the couch, tv table. Just where ever. Not in the way or under foot. Where it was cold. 14° according to my temp gun when I found him, scooped him up and put his blanket on him, and put him on my chest. We lay on my bed don't know how long.we dozed. When he was warm I put him in the corner of my bed, he had a pallet there, and would sleep under a body pillow next to the outside walls, in the corner. This little old house is cold and drafty and he liked it. Now it's been 80° here and he's been staying in his cage, basking and ceramic heater on also! He's a trip. I'm working on a bamboo bridge. But this is how he exits right now. Couldn't keep him in long enough to eat! The box his stroller came in. Wheeee! Can't get the other picture to load. Maybe next time. Thanks for being there. Helps make some sense of this strange journey we're on.

Ziggy's new vest

Ziggy loved her vest!! I was very surprised how well it was made for a dragon!!!

Life hack for taming babies!

My baby beardie Mochi loves his snuggle sling and will fall asleep in it within minutes. This has been a huge help in the taming process and ive used a snuggle sling with my past bearded dragon as well. They really make handling and cuddling so much easier!

So cute!

I love the way the tuxedo looks on him, it’s absolutely precious!

SUMMER Snuggle Sling
Alyssa Junge
Perfect size, comfortable to wear, and so so cute

Bought this for my mom and her beardie as a mother's day gift, and it was absolutely perfect! The straps make it easy to adjust on your own and comfortable to wear while walking around or relaxing. And the size of the pouch is perfect. I was a little worried, as her beardie is just on the edge of needing an XL, but it ended up being a perfect fit! If you're looking for a present for yourself or the lizard lovers in your life then this is definitely it.

Snuggle Sling
Rebecca B.
He loves it!

I swear he is happiest when he’s in his little sling! Even if I’m not wearing it he just wants to lay on it, it’s his favorite thing. I’ll definitely be getting more!

Baby Beardie Blanket Gift Set
Crystal Broadwater
Love it

We got the 4 pack blankets for our 4 beardies and they all sleep with them every night. They love them! And they threw in these adorable hats!

So Adorable!

Bob looked great in the costume! The maraca was a nice touch! We did have to cut the poncho since Bob has a big head. Still looked really great!

Summer Snuggle Sling XL
Katherine Koch
So cute!

Love both of the slings I have purchased so far!

Turkey Costume
Lorraine Adams
A perfect little turkey

I love the way this costume was designed! Theres even a little comb for under the chin! A must have for your little gobble gobble!

Amazing product and service.

I haven't gotten either of the hats on my snake yet because any time I try, he won't sit still long enough for me to tie the string! Lol. The customer service is amazing, shipping was very fast, and they even threw in a free little party hat! The hats are high quality and so cute!