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Great product!

Spike loves his rectangle hammock. He had a triangle corner one but was too big to fit on it anymore. The rectangle is the perfect size.

Cowboy Hats, 2 sizes
Shane Skocny
Cool sway for our beardie

Spur looks good in his new hats and bandanas. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing him. He is a Texas beardie and it fits him perfect. He looks like he is ready for a night a Billy Bob's

He loves his hats!

He loves his hats and they are always great!Fast shipping, great packaging and customer service.


Snuggliest hammock bed for Gnarly! I put it on top of his other hammock just for now like a blanket, but I love how it comes with suction cups & safety pins for hanging it up

Cute products and good service

Everything I got is super cute but still too big for my beardie, so no pictures yet. Great service too, I had a question about shipping and seller responded quickly and was courteous. Would recommend!

Party time for the whole gang

Blankies are super duper soft and hats are ultra adorbs!

Emergency Warming Blanket with two 40 hour heating packs
Cher Zapara-Bouwer
love these blanket sets

these are great blankets with heating packs for emergencies. if the power goes out, i don't have to worry about keeping my beardies warm. also good for vet trips, since the wonderful exotic vet i have is roughly 40 minutes away! and my beardies love the soft cuddly blankets, thanks so much! :)

SUMMER Snuggle Sling
Christina M.
Great Product!

Love how cute and practical the sling is. Izzy loves to worn and snuggled while I go on walks or just doing things around the house.
This to me is a fun way to spend more time with him!

Great purchase!

We love these hammocks, but even more importantly, our lizards do! We foster bearded dragons and each lizard we introduce to these lovelies cozies in and lounges hard core on them. I love how easy they are to through in the wash. We like to have at least one back up so we can just switch them out for a fresh hammock when its time for a wash. Good quality safety pins and suction cups keep these hammocks in place well.

In Training

Already great but still in training to be the best emotional support ❤️ can’t wait for him to grow into it. Love it so much, thank you from Albert and his mamas!

So great I’m ordering another one!

Very well made and so soft.

Ballerina Tutu
Edie B

This is such a great item. Very well made.


My child absolutely loved the sombr5and poncho costume. They printed a picture of their beardie for their Spanish teacher. Their teacher hung it up in class. Very happy with this purchase.

We love it!!

Got it for my birthday and it’s his favourite really easy to put on


My bearded dragon is obsessed with her new blanket! She sleeps on it all the time and is clearly enjoying it during the nights! Worth buying!

Happy Beardie!

Tio loves his Cinco de Mayo outfit!!

Snuggle Sling XL
Carolyn Rapp
Baby Bundle

Sturdy. It holds my girl well, even though she's on the larger side. Thinner and smoother than the normal snuggle sling. If you live in a more temperate environment, I recommend getting both and not one.


I bought two blankets for my two breadies, they love to snuggle and wiggle all into them! Will be ordering more!

Mouse Ears or Bandanas
Peninah Jackson
So cute

These ears are so cute! It’s made out of very soft material and my beardie didn’t have a problem with it at all. Highly recommend!

Beardies need Blankets!
L Shannon Carter
This boy KNOWS

Arlo has always been a blanket loving boy. Here is proof...these blankets do much for a wide variety of purposes, and comfort is certainly one of them.

Chef Hat
Cutest ever!

I appreciate the quality and the cuteness for taking out Myrtle and Melvin " the Beards"

One happy girl

Gem totally loves her hammock. Here is the first day I put it in her new habitat.

Love it

Super soft and I love the colors!

July 4th Bandana
Beardie Mom

I love this hat! It is so well made, perfectly sized and soft. Our Beardie doesn’t mind wearing it;)

Chef Hat
Matthew Clark

Excellent quality. Definitely will buy again.