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One happy girl

Gem totally loves her hammock. Here is the first day I put it in her new habitat.

Love it

Super soft and I love the colors!


I love this hat! It is so well made, perfectly sized and soft. Our Beardie doesn’t mind wearing it;)

Chef Hat
Matthew Clark

Excellent quality. Definitely will buy again.

So Cute!!!

It's adorable! Came quick; communication about shipping is top notch. The only hard part is waiting for Zeno to calm down so I can put it on.

Snug as a Bug

I took in this rehomed dragon recently and wanted a secure way to let him learn to cuddle and hang out with me. The sling definitely fills the bill. He has been working through a little learning curve to be content to stay in it for long but it is especially great after a bath. Thanks!

Way too adorable

They have been a big hit with people wanting them for their beardies

Snuggle Sling XL
Benjamin White
Cuddle your beardie in comfort

Before I bought this sling, I simply cuddled my beardie by putting a blanket on over my shirt, and had the beardie hang on with his claws. This sling is more comfortable for the both of us. I can move a lot more readily, and he is a lot more secure. Bonus, his claws don't dig into me because his claws are no longer in my shirt. Great product, you and your dragon will both love it.

Snuggly for beardie!

I love these soft blankets for cuddling with my beardie, Harry! It’s been especially helpful in these winter months. Thank you!


I now have six of these rice bags! I love them. They are great for trips to the vet. The patterns are really cute too. I love everything I get from Pampered Beardies! I will continue to buy more and more from this shop! ❤️❤️❤️

Cowboy Hats, 2 sizes
Samuel Fatula
Cowboy Killer

Killer quality Killer approved

Beret, black felt
Lorraine Adams
So cute!

You can't really see the detail in the pic, but this beret is so cute!


Very detailed and helped a ton!

Snuggle Sling
Danielle Tatro
Happy Dragon!

Our spoiled lizard loves the sling! I use it in my class to wear him around while working with students, and at home Spike snoozes in it often. Great product. Even my own kids use it!

Personalized Blankets
Susan Downey

We both love the blanket!


Great book ! Found it more helpful than the internet!

Thank you Bella & Leonard

Personalized Rubber Ducky Bath Towel set
Perfect gift!

I gave this to my girlfriend for Christmas and her and her beardie loved it! She said it was the perfect size and she loved the embroidery :)

Sarah's bearded dragon book

I love the book! Im very thankful to have so much information at home. It also came with a chart where i can write information on my beardie.

Santa Hat, 2 sizes
Marcia Gibson
Merry Christmas Y'all

Koko Puff looking so handsome wearing his Santa hat. Yes, he is a pampered beardie!

Personalized Blankets
Leonard approved

I just got a bearded dragon and he’s a bit skittish and we picked him up and he started getting squirmy so I grabbed his blanket and he calmed down like magic and had a fit when we took it away amazing 100% recommend

We love all the hats!

These are not our first Pampered Beardie hats..."The Grinch" hat is our latest addition. They're like shoes, you can't have too many! These hats are always cute and well made. And "The Grinch" totally captures Vinny's Christmas vibe!

Super Soft Tortilla Print Blanket
Theresa Bedno

Pretzel loves her new burrito blanket. It is super soft and exactly as described.

Great info

Recommend the care guide from pampered beardies! Good info you can save or print out.

Snakey cowboy

My snake pretzel (or as I call him chonky boy) is 100% adorable in his Lil cowboy hat. He's now ready tip to all the ladies, and ready to learn how to line dance. Don't worry he'll figure it out. The quality is amazing for a Lil cowboy hat it's honestly so cute and I matched him in my black cowboy hat as well 🤣


I bought this blanket because living in the PNW means a lot of cold, snowy winters and occasional power outages. It brings a lot of relief knowing I have an emergency blanket to provide warmth for my beardie if the power ever goes out. I can also see this blanket being useful for transporting my beardie in the car for vet visits. The blanket is also great quality and super comfy! My boy Blazey seemed to really like it. I definitely think this a product every beardie owner should have just in case.