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Ginger Shark

Costume fit great. And Ginger is such a good sport about getting dressed up in her costumes!

Just in case

Our power has a tendency to go out now and then, so I purchased this emergency blanket. Next time I'll be better prepared for my little guy!

Love it!

I love the new hammock- it's very spacious and comfy

Beardie sling

Beardie loves to lay in her slang and walk around with us it's warm and cuddly!

Loved it!

Perfect fit. So cute!

Amazing Quality!

So adorable and fits well on an adult beardie! Very cute and amazing service :) thank you!


My wife absolutely loves it, so does the bearded dragon.

Love the Snuggle Sling

We got the Snuggle Sling for our daughter and her beardie Turbo for Christmas and they love it. The sling is perfect for hands-free beardie bonding time, keeps her warm, and she seems to really enjoy being close to her human.

Perfect winter blanket

We bought a blanket as a christmas present for our daughter's beardie, Turbo. It is the perfect size for her and she loves it. We also got one of the slings and that is also awesome. Nice job!

Terra en Vogue

Adorable outfits!

Yoda Costume

Another great costume to add to the collection.

Cheers for cheetah print

My little cheese puff, Cheeto, is loving his new triangular hammock and matching blanket he got for xmas. I love these hammocks as plenty of lounging room for all size dragons. Super soft, washable and strong suction cups add to a 5 star review. Definitely Cheeto approved as he says he dares any hooman to touch it now as it's all mine. Did I mention it was mine? I licked it, therefore it's mine. Definitely recommend.

A great idea!

I ordered one of these because I'm trying to bond more with my beardie, Mochi. With this snuggle sling, I don't have to worry about him scratching up my neck and shoulders when he moves around. Now he can sit comfortably on my chest and nap while I do something relaxing like playing video games or watching tv. It's also super soft!! Everytime I fit Mochi in there his eyes close and he relaxes immediately, he really enjoys it! Pampered Beardies also sent me a little party hat freebe which was really sweet of them! ☺️

Spike loves his sling!

Great product and website! I would recommend to any lizard lovers :)


Ordered for my ball phthon, was at first hesitant as they often times don’t like things touching their heads, but as time went he was more comfortable, I only have a pic of him in his cowboy hat but he loves his sombrero the same

Lannan's Snuggle Sling

We received Lannan's Snuggle Sling this week and absolutely LOVE it. It will take some training for him to get accustomed to riding in it at 6 mo. of age, but the concept and execution of your product is amazing. I imagine we will be ordering more products from you soon.

Thanks from "Lannan the Beardie" and his keepers.

Princess Leia Costume

Loved the hair piece very easy to put on.

Blanket and Calender

Thank you so much for the gorgeous blanket and the calender we love it.


This little suit is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Such wonderful details.

Looking Snazzy for New Years!!

Thank you for helping Calvin look his absolute best for his big night on the town (actually he was asleep 10 minutes later)! Once again, another great costume!!!

LOVE Pampered Beardies Products

We actually own 2 slings and a burrito blanket! Our sweet Dumpling looks forward to both being carried around and just snuggling alone, so comfortably. Love the bonding, love the products, and love the amazing customer service!

A must have for Beardies!

My Beardie loves to be out and about with me. Being winter, it's hard to take her out without worrying about her being cold. The sling has really helped make life easy, especially because I can pop her in, take her out and be hands free while still enjoying the company of my pet. It's the sweetest thing to find her asleep and warm snuggled against mt chest. I highly recommend this product!

Love at first burrito

My beardie, Whispers, LOVES these blankets. They hold heat VERY nicely and she fell asleep almost immediately the first time I burrito'd her in one. I highly recommend getting two, as I tend to switch them in and out as they get dirty.

We don’t need no stinking badges!

Got a sombrero and cowboy hat for my son’s beardie “Draco”. My son loves it, Draco wore an expression of concern. It is a bit big but Draco will grow into it.


Products are so cute! Perfect for our little beardie.