Baby Beardie Blanket Set

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Each Baby Beardie Blanket set includes four soft fleece blankets: solid colors and/or prints. You can choose a boy, girl, or neutral blanket set. (Keep in mind it's difficult to tell what sex your beardie is until they're a few months old.) These 10" square blankets are durable, inexpensive, and machine washable. If a blanket gets stained or needs to be thrown away, this set gives you lots to choose from.

A small, colorful Party hat is also part of this set. You should wait until they’re about 1 year old before dressing your beardie in full costumes. 

We've included our Beardie Care Guide, compiled by Sarah Southerland, which gives you important information for how to care for your new Beardie. Raising a baby beardie has its own unique challenges. You'll need to start with slow, careful interactions for the first few weeks while they're settling in. Don't force the interactions and watch for signs of stress. Soon you’ll have a beardie who becomes part of your family.

We would love to have photos of your baby Beardie and their soft blankets. We’ll post them on our Pampered Beardies Facebook page and Instagram!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My beardie loves these blankets. thank you so much they are the best.

Ava Jones
Great purchase 🥰

My beardie seems to love them & they are a great price with great quality.

karen hernandez

my baby girl loves her blanket! will definitely be purchasing again 😊

Lauren Rider

Perfect for post bath cuddles 😍

Crystal Broadwater
Love it

We got the 4 pack blankets for our 4 beardies and they all sleep with them every night. They love them! And they threw in these adorable hats!

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