Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!

Beardies need Blankets!

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Beardies and their owners love soft things, but beardies are sharp and prickly. These adorable fleece blankets are extremely soft and make it easier to hug and love on them!

The blankets are 14-15" square and wrap around an adult beardie without any problems. If a blanket gets dirty or stained, they are durable and machine washable. If one needs to be thrown away, they’re inexpensive enough to have several on hand. Be sure and buy enough blankets for all your Pampered Beardies, reptiles or small animals.

We now offer an 'over-sized' blanket (apprx 17" x 15") for your larger Beardie or reptile.  The prints vary, but if you tell us boy, girl or neutral, we'll choose appropriately.

All our beardie creations are hand-made with comfort in mind. A portion of the profits goes to help Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue. We also send money and products to other national rescues to help with their beardie and reptile rescue efforts.

We would love to have photos of your Beardie snuggling in their blanket. We'll post them (or you can post them) on our Pampered Beardies Facebook page and Instagram!


Customer Reviews

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Moss Holley
My very pampered beardie

Loved all of the little bandanas and hats I got for my boy, he also loved being under his little blanket when we sit together! High quality, but also very affordable! Plus they money is being put towards an amazing cause <3
He’s still growing up but he’ll fit it eventually ;)

Sam soto
Bearded dragon blanket

They both look so cute

Mindy Gorder
Great Cause To Purchase From

I've been following Sarah and her pages on Facebook for quite some time. She is always posting great videos, hints, tricks, ideas. She makes and sells these items that she uses personally, as well as sells to put the money towards her rescue. There are not many reptile rescues with so much experience, and willingness to research and learn new things!! I absolutely love Sarah's cause, her charisma and the rescue! Will purchase again!!

Ivy Maiorino
Pizza seems to enjoy them!

Sometimes my beardie Pizza spends most of her time on the cool side of the tank with all of her comfy hides. When I added these blankets to her basking side, she spent a lot more time basking!

Daminyan Johnson

The little blankets are very soft and comfy my bearded dragons absolutely love them. Pictures coming soon. Thanks again

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