Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!
Beardies need Blankets!

Beardies need Blankets!

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Beardies and their owners love soft things, but beardies can be sharp and prickly. These adorable fleece blankets are extremely soft and make it easier to hug and love on them!

The blankets are 14-15" square and wrap around an adult beardie without any problems. If a blanket gets dirty or stained, they are durable and machine washable. If one needs to be thrown away, they’re inexpensive enough to have several on hand. 

All our beardie creations are hand-made with comfort in mind. A portion of the profits goes to help Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue. We also send money and products to other national rescues to help with their beardie and reptile rescue efforts.

We would love to have photos of your Beardie snuggling in their blanket. We'll post them (or you can post them) on our Pampered Beardies Facebook page and Instagram!


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Dakota Rivera

My bearded dragon is obsessed with her new blanket! She sleeps on it all the time and is clearly enjoying it during the nights! Worth buying!

Kim Castle

I bought two blankets for my two breadies, they love to snuggle and wiggle all into them! Will be ordering more!

L Shannon Carter
This boy KNOWS

Arlo has always been a blanket loving boy. Here is proof...these blankets do much for a wide variety of purposes, and comfort is certainly one of them.

Jenny H.
Snuggly for beardie!

I love these soft blankets for cuddling with my beardie, Harry! It’s been especially helpful in these winter months. Thank you!


Love the blankets I bought. And fast shipping

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