Chef Hat
Chef Hat

Chef Hat

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Our petite Chef Hat will make your beardie the TOP CHEF in your home. This adorable hat will add visible flair to your own kitchen.

This hat is perfectly scaled to fit your Beardie or reptile. Each one is professionally sewn using white cotton poly fabric. Spot clean only.

We would love to have photos of your Beardie in their Chef Hat. Post them on our Pampered Beardies Facebook page or on our Instagram page, original_pamperedbeardies

Profits from these sales help support Sarah's Bearded Dragon Rescue. We also send money and products to other national rescues to help with their beardie and reptile rescues.

Customer Reviews

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Krista Griffiths
Chef Morgan Made Quite the Debut!

The chef's hat is expertly crafted and fits perfectly on my beardie's head! We run a game review website called The Cardboard Cantina and Morgan is a large part of it so this chef's hat was a perfect look for him. His debut wearing this hat on our website and social media was a huge hit! The quality of this hat will definitely have us buying more items (especially now that we know that Morgan doesn't mind wearing things every so often)!

Chef Oscar

thank you so much for this cute amazing Chef Hat! Chef Oscar can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start chopping up some veggies with me!

Zachary Bloedow

Love the sombrero, Spyro however is indifferent. I think he looks muy bueno!
Thank you!

Mari G
So cute !

It came really fast and Rosie seemed to love it ! I bought the snuggle blanket as well and it is her new favorite blanket ! Thank you

Shelli Bender
Awesome as usual!!

If you want a truly pampered pet dragon, order him/her some adorable outfits from Pampered Dragons. Handmade, with love.

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